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About Neueste Einträge

I moved... 2. Jul 2006 @ 21:55
to www.myspace.com/mischiman

Come play there with me.

When it rains it pours. 16. Jun 2006 @ 13:11
What can I say? Today I'm the most relieved person on Earth.

It's even better than what I wrote on June 11th. I'll be on my own again, I won't have to worry about money, I'll have my own place, live my life again, I fucking got it back.

It's madness how things happen, how they happen, why they happen. And the timing was impeccable.

I couldn't ask for anything more at this time. I'm completely relieved, completely done with worrying, completely done with living in the past.

:) :) :) :)
Aktuelle Stimmung: happyhappy

It took some time... 11. Jun 2006 @ 11:36
But I think I'm back to being ok again. The future looks bright, for the first time in 2+ years. I'm not over the hump yet, but I've definitely become a much happier person than I've been in a long, long time, maybe dating back as far as 1996...for the first time since then, I know there's opportunity, real opportunity, a chance to do everything right again, to wipe out the old shit, forget the crap in the USA, forgive those who wronged me, letting go of the ignorant people passing judgement on me without even knowing me, just leaving behind all this negativity and utter madness. And I won't have to look back.

I know it's thanks to friends and family that I came through this, the fact that they didn't let me slip'n slide, that they were always there when I needed 'em the most.

Thanks for taking over when I couldn't fight anymore. Thank you for being at my side when I'd lay on the ground, shattered and beat, and for gently pushing me back on my feet. Thank you for your relentlessly believing in me, your unspoken support, your not-giving-up on me, for your wisdom and unconditional love.

I won't be back where I was. :)
Aktuelle Stimmung: happyhappy

You know what's funny? 17. Dez 2005 @ 03:46


Back to the roots! 6. Okt 2005 @ 07:31

I r happy. It was a good Idea to go out tonight and hit up that Bar, meet Pascha and get hired.

Other entries
» Salt Water
I wish I could open the floodgates of tears that yearn to fall from my eyes
I wish I could feel the trails of unsaid sorrow trailing down my cheeks
I wish I could feel the salty taste seeping over my lips onto my tongue
I wish I could take a hand and remove these pearls of emotions
I wish I could I see them in the mirror of my soul, amassing in the corner of my eyes...
I wish I could make them fall forever, neverending, relentlessly draining me of what I keep hidden

I only wish.
» Irrational thoughts
They get the best of me every time.

I think I have a god-given talent of pushing away the people that want to get close to me.

Just don't let get anyone close, they might end up hurting you in the long run.

I need a new philosophy.
» You know you live in Switzerland..
when you pay 35 bucks for 1 Cotton Boxershorts
when you pay 899 bucks for a Descente Skijacket
when you pay 389 bucks for a Tenson Skipants
when you pay 899 bucks for a pair of Stoeckli Skis
when you pay 399 bucks for a Tyrolia "Bindung"
when you pay 169 bucks for Uvex Skigoggles
when you pay 139 bucks for a pair of Reusch Skigloves
when you pay 129 bucks for a pair of Ski-sticks...thingymadingsbums.

My wallet! At least I'm doing acct. administration from home today. VPN rules.
» The strangest Dream.
I dreamed that some of the people of my past initiated contact with me to apologize.

And I dreamed that I initated contact with some people of my past to apologize to them.

The question is...should I open that Can of Worms again?
» Teehee!
Rumsfeld cancels trip to Germany after war crime accusations
por Foreign Press Foundation - fwd. Saturday January 22, 2005 at 04:20 AM

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cancelled a planned visit to Germany after a US human rights organisation asked German authorities to prosecute him for war crimes, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) has learned.

The US defence secretary was accused of war crimes

Rumsfeld has informed the German government via the US embassy that he will not take part in the Munich Security Conference in February, conference head Horst Teltschik told dpa on Thursday.

The New York-based Centre for Constitutional Rights filed acomplaint in December with the Federal German Prosecutor's Office against Rumsfeld accusing him of war crimes and torture in connection with detainee abuses at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

Rumsfeld made it known immediately after the complaint was filed that he would not attend the Munich conference unless Germany quashed the legal action.

German legislation violations

The organisation alleges violations of German legislation, which outlaws war crimes*, crimes against humanity* and genocide* independent of the place of crime or origin of the accused.
The prosecutor's office in Karlsruhe reportedly is examining the roughly 170-page complaint to see whether an investigation is warranted.

The Centre for Constitutional Rights said it and four Iraqis allegedly tortured in US custody filed a complaint with German authorities against Rumsfeld, former CIA director George Tenet and eight other senior military and civilian officials over abuses at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere in Iraq.

The organisation said it had turned to German prosecutors "as a court of last resort" because the US government "is unwilling to open an independent investigation" and had "refused to join the International Criminal Court".


Leaving the US: Best choice of my LIFE!
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